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Botellón, or Spanish for "big bottle," is a cultural phenomenon in which friends get together and pitch in on a bottle to share, so they can socialize & drink without breaking the bank. At our restaurant, we work to capture the essence of a Botellón by offering a well-rounded, high end dining experience, with a home-style family feel.


At Botellón we take learned techniques from around the world, and apply them to traditional Spanish food, with a focus on the styles of the Basque region, combined with lots of Mediterranean influence.

The food of the Basque region traditionally involves simple, locally sourced ingredients, executed with classic techniques that allow the bold and complex flavors to truly resonate together. The region is widely known throughout history to have traded ideas and foods worldwide, and thus cultivated a heritage that naturally merges culinary traditions from around the world to create something distinctly Spanish flavored.

We source all of our ingredients from the finest purveyors in Denver, and serve only the best we can find. Our food speaks for itself, as well as all our 5 star reviews. We are very excited to be the home of a menu that is not only vibrant and delicious, but unique to Denver!


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2124 Larimer Street, Denver, CO, 80205

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